15th August 2017

movie analysis practice

Friday, 11 August

Practice scene analysis: General Ne Win’s suspicions and control

1) Scene 1: First impressions of General Ne Win:

Looks intimidating and a man in charge who doesn’t like being told he’s wrong or what to do. He likes the position he is in and you can tell by his body language. His military uniform enforces his status as being a person in charge and who has authority over others. No eye contact


What is he doing when he is first introduced?

What do you see? (visual techniques)

uniform, minimalistic, parliament building, military green uniform, military first, body language, spies, doesn’t giver her power,

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

soft tones, whispering, very vague, don’t mention main characters name,  very secretive,

disfunctional leader, never mentions suses name anywhere through out the film to not give her power.

2) Scene 2: Visiting a tarot card reader

white uniform for general, dark moody atmosphere a little intimidating, tarrot reader looks mysterios , lots of foreshadowing

What is General Ne Win doing in this scene?

visitng a tarot reader to determine his future. back street of rangoon

Describe the environment Ne Win is in? (Consider Luc Besson’s auteur style)

dark and myterious, bak street of rangoon, contrast of his office

What is the tarot card reader like? What is she doing?

dark mysterious, she sets to rules

What do you see? (visual techniques)

poor area

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

eerie sounds to make it seem mysterious and foreboding

green and red background behind the geneal to show the communist party emphasis in the situation, and behind the tarot card reader was a blue background to show good plus mystery

close ups to show body language and facial expressions

lighting is dark everything is hidden, like the general is not supposed to be there

many symbols, her costume and tattoos, show power and ancestral tribal tattoos, make her look uninviting and cary, gypsy

Consider how any of the details you have listed reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the connections.

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