/Scene analysis: General Aung San is assassinated

What is happening in this scene?

General Aung San are meeting for democracy, however there are military rebels who do not want his to happen due to the previous leader usaw. There military rebels wear red scarves that represent the communist leader. Three rebels walk into the drawing room and shoot Aung San and the rest of his party dead. Aung San turns around and closes his eyes in a peaceful manner before he is shot dead and the rest of his party is murdered. The leader of the rebels then shoots the body of Aung San multiple times to show they they have won and democracy is dead.

Rebels walk up to the drawing room in a slightly darkened backdrop to show foreboding and that something is about to happen. In drawing room all democracy people are unarmed and have no chance or fight against the rebels they are completely at their mercy and all perish.

What do you see? (visual techniques)

Over the shoulder shot

Overhead shot – of dead bodies represents death of democracy, the democracy were not armed

Mid shot of rebel with red scarf

close up of Aung San before he is shot, to see his emotions, with no emotion he is leaving the world peacefully with no violence to enforce the democracy.

Slow motion to show sequence of events





Close up three shot, shows relationship between three people in darkened coridor, the trio are aout to do somehitng that is not approved

In contrast the general is in a lightened room totally at mercy if anything happens he has no way of defending himself

Over the shiulder shot of rebel raining hell in the room of the killing showing the true horror of the event

Viewer is included in the room of the killing, showing position of power has shifted from democracy to communism

Point of view shot from the dead general of the rebel pointing the gun at the general with no mercy in his expression and showing his dominance in taking over the democracy party. His red scarf is clearly visible from this position to show the communist party

Say what desnt happen – g why dont people run into the room and help out

British flag behing the general

Close up of leader rebel smoking inside the building and is dressed differently from the rest of the soliders representing that he doesnt belong there and that he is up to no good

Close up of blood on hands of solider who goes and informs the generals wife he has died

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

Traditional music, percussion, for tension and anticipation for what’s about to happen, whip noise, wind noise, clock count down. Eerie suspenseful music representing that something is about to go wrong.

Lots and lots of gun fire and people yelling and screaming in the drawing room when the rebels open fire, showing there little emotion to mercy and human feelings and copassions towards the demoracy is non existant. At the end of the scene all is quiet  and still once every one is dead

The lights are swinging due to the vibrations in the air made by the gun fires

Consider how any of the details you have listed reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the connections.

Little to no dialogue

Toasting to freedom but didn’t drink as is killed

Contrast between the different parties

Guard has a difference that compared to that of the rebels

Quote –

Look at email on this

Cinema du look

Characters – the contrasts of each party

second scene from “The Lady” for analysis: Aung San Suu Kyi is confronted by the military at an NLFD rally.

1) Where is this scene set?

Remote part in the streets of rangoon, run down market place where common people meet. Poverty stricken area

2) What is happening in this scene?

The military are infiltrating at democracy talk to the people by aung san suu kyi. Breaking up not allowing her to speak to the people

3) Who is involved?

Military and democracy party as well as the public who aung san suu kyi is going to talk to

4) What significant film techniques do you see?

Wide angle shot of opening scene with national league of democracy showing that sus is going to talk

Close up of a painting of sus with her looking joyfully up symbolizing democracy and hope for the nation

Close up of member of party setting up sus microphone

Wide angle shot of aung san suu kyi with her party and the community shaking hands and exchanging reasuring words

All miiatry not in chrge arere looking down aat the flooor. Whilst comander is yelling and flaiing arms etc. round the place rying to gain control. There out fits are identical, green uniform with red scarf all holdig a gun

Were they are going to fire a three person shot shows scared looking military personal who loook here=sitant to fire or harm anyone loooking flinsy and weak. Whilst the milaratry person in charge of commanding and aggressive in the back groundtanding strong

Wide angle lens of all militray in a line aiming there guns at democrcy party ready to fire

Aung san … close up of her looking determinded at holding peace and not bringing violence to the situation

Close up and over the shoulder shot os aung san suu kyi walking towards the milirary slowly ensureeing her no violence moturm, if she was scared she doesn’t percieve it. May be seen as arrogent.

Mid shot of military comander

Wide angle lens of aung san …. With guns pointed directly at her but she hows no fear

Close up of aung san … closing eyes like her father has done w=right before he was shot to indicate that she is at peace with her decision
I.e. Camera shots/angles, lighting, costume, colour, set-design, props, special effects etc.

Contrasts in costume with military and democracy party

All military personals have a red scarf to represent communism and to put fear in the community

Lighting od aung san …. With community is softly lit

5) What significant film techniques do you hear?

I.e. Dialogue, sound (diegetic and non-diegetic), music, sound effects etc.

The music is very drum and deep based with tinny noise symbolizing that is putting pressure on the situation and is creating alot of tension and strain on what she is doing. Then climax when she shuts her eyes and the militray guard pulls out of the attack

6) Are there aspects of this scene that relate to Luc Besson’s auteur style (attached)? Make the connections in your own words.
Extra notes

General Aung San

Daw Suu – Madam Suu

General Ne Win

Rangoon – Capital In 1947


Military dictatorship

Council chamber while the executive council was in session

6 cabinet members and the general’s brother

Genera; U saw (previous military leader) organised assassination

Military rebel fighting to keep military power


  1. The first scene is set/shows……

(give context):






  1. The dictator uses

This shows

  1. The viewer can see the auteur’s style through/when

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